Sunday, October 23, 2005

I wanted to add a headline for this post but couldn’t figure out how to do it in short time. The headline was to be… Mail-order porn: a lesson for everyone?

I was reading the paper today and came across a story about a man named Phil Harvey who, with a master’s degree in family planning administration, opened up a simple mail-order catalog which later became the large, successful company that I’m sure you’re all familiar with, Adam & Eve.

With his earnings, he and his partner have started a few non-profits that offer ‘social marketing’ of condoms, birth control pills, and other contraceptives. As a way of controlling population and the spread of disease, the companies sell these items at large discounts all over the world so everyone can afford them. Sounds to me like a good thing to do with your profits from the wealthy perverts, eh? Why not just give the goods away? According to Harvey, people who buy products are more likely to use them than if they are freely dispensed.

So, there you have it. Become a millionaire by selling sex toys and save lives by selling things the Bush administration doesn’t want people to give away or even talk about. It’s estimated that Harvey’s non-profits have saved over 100,000 lives, mostly in third world countries.

Tune in next time for information about my new marketing company, Preservatif pour les Pauvres SA.

Uhhm, I’m the one that estimated the 100,000 lives saved.

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