Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Well, the next couple of posts will be off my intended topic for this blog.

I just emailed my mother and told her that the stock market looked bad for a while to come due to continued inflationary pressures and rising fears of continuing interest rate hikes from the Fed. Two seconds later the Fed came out with their Beige Book and said the same things about inflation as I did, but put a positive spin on it.

The market has completely turned around and is much higher now (as I write, it looks like it may be one of the biggest single day turnarounds in the market that I have seen). I'm almost convinced at this point that when I finally think the market is stuck or headed down, that I should put all my money in the market. The way to invest may be exactly the way observers of the market have pointed out.....that at the height of market pessimism is the best opportunity to buy. However, it might be easier to just ask my opinion. When I'm pessimistic on the market, that's the best time to buy!

However, it seems as if I'm getting optimistic, now. Everyone, BEWARE!

I also noticed as I read the comments to my last post and as I wrote this one, that maybe I should try to put a positive spin on my theme instead of being completely negative about this stupid ID concept. I guess I’ll need to focus (or Fukuh as my nephew would say) on that just a little bit more…....boy, it’s gonna be tough.

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