Friday, November 04, 2005

So, I’m driving in my car. Turned on the Radio. I didn’t pull anyone closer tho’ since no one was around. Anyway, I heard this pompous ass talking about how this war by the liberals was making it difficult to get his friend’s books sold.

The war: against Christianity

The books: books of hate against reason I’m sure

The reason for weak sales: ‘They can’t promote their books on anything but Christian radio stations’

Please correct me if I’m wrong, but the liberal war must not be going well since the intended target still has a bunch of radio stations and is still number one on the charts in the US. I guess anything that doesn’t have its own radio stations and is not the lead in its arena, may have already lost the war, huh?

The pompous ass?

I’ll wait to see if anyone tries to answer that.

Next post... our brains on TV


Sara said...

What are you doing listening to Rush Limbaugh? (sorry I can't think of any other pompous asses on the radio...)

Scott said...

Very good, Sara. It was Rush. I just happened to have it on our local am station and he was on. I don't turn the station immediately anymore because I usually find that it either gets my blood boiling or makes me laugh.

Larry Sohl said...

Say it isn't so...

First you're listening to Rush, then probably rushing home after that to turn on the 700 club to fawn over Pat Robertson...then joining in a pro-Bush pep rally praising the use of torture as a means to protect individual's rights and freedoms...

lol... I hope not.