Monday, October 06, 2008

Well, I’m just gonna start writing since I continually put this off thinking I’ll come up with something profound and it doesn’t happen or I just don’t get around to writing it down. Or, this stupid laptop will do this thing where all of a sudden I can’t do anything but write in caps and it selects odd areas of what I’ve written and I can’t get it to stop. So, I’m now saving every other line so I can shut down my computer and restart without losing what I’ve written. Pretty boring so far, huh? Gets better I certainly hope.
Yesterday I came upon a realization that comes to most people by the time their in high school -- I’m mortal. Now, it wasn’t really until later in life (maybe I was 30 or so) that I came to understand that science will at some point enable us to live indefinitely, i.e. become immortal. I still believe that someone born within my lifetime will be able to do exactly that. Up until yesterday, I really thought that it would be during my lifetime and that I, myself, might be able to live for quite some time -- you know, like over a couple hundred years (I’m talking Old Testament lifetime). You haven’t missed anything. There wasn’t any breaking scientific news recently regarding medicine and the inability to repair damaged DNA or any other related event. And, as you’re probably thinking, it wasn’t the sudden onset of sanity that brought me to my senses. It was simply the fact that I am out of breath when I do many simple things and when I do those simple things my pulse is over 100 even if it’s just going to the bathroom in the middle of the night. Ah, so my sister (who’ll probably be the first to read this) is either thinking, ‘there he goes again’….‘he really is a hypochondriac,’ and/or ‘I really shouldn’t have gotten that book for him.’ Well, the book WAS funny in both content and intent. Anyway, I have some respiratory problem that is going to cut some years off of my life. Nothing startling, nothing that’ll kill me in the next couple or probably even 10 years, but something that is very hard to fix and science isn’t gonna catch nature in this case.
I’m very angry with myself that I’ve complicated my own issue through doing things that I knew were not good for me or my lungs. Well, more on that later. I’ve got to get my laundry and fix a burger.


Sara said...

I totally and completely don't believe that you've done irreparable damage to your lungs. You know, your body is continuously changing out it's cells and stuff. I'm pretty sure your lungs heal after most any kind of damage. I think even smokers' lungs begin trying to get better if they stop smoking.

What you really need to do is start exercising regularly so that you get both your heart and your lungs back in shape. And drink lots of water. I'm not sure that you have to drink lots of water, but I do know that when I was exercising regularly and drinking lots of water, I felt great.

Try it for awhile and then get back to me. And by awhile, I mean for at least three months.

And eat less, too. When you get old - like you are - you don't need to eat as much.

Ok, and just so I don't point the finger at you only, I'll try it, too. Our exercise and nutrition has been severely lacking for the last... oh... 5 years and I'm now really disgusted by the fact that I have fat bulging over my pants. Yuk.

Game on?

Sara said...

P.S. You're a hypochondriac. And a poor speller. It should have been "by the time THEY'RE in high school", not "by the time THEIR in high school".

Oh brother. Literally.

Sara said...

Ok, I checked and lung tissue does NOT regenerate. I guess then, you're screwed.

BUT, you can still make your heart stronger and more efficient through exercise, so I'm still planning to make a concerted effort to exercise. And eat less. Yaddah, yaddah.

And I think I'd better go to the doctor soon about this nagging cough I have...

Scott said...

Game on sis!