Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Bobby Jindal has some really interesting ideas. First, his story of the bureaucrat that keeps rescuers from hurricane Katrina survivors stranded on rooftops is apparently a great analogy of how government is bad. Pretty sure given a couple minutes I could come up with a better analogy. I wonder if the depositors of the almost 40 banks that have failed during this fiscal debacle believe that the FDIC is a bad idea or if that doggone bureaucracy stood in the way of losing their money held in those banks?
Another interesting take is that the spending going on with this stimulus bill is increasing the size of our gov't....as examples, Jindal gives new cars, high speed rail, and volcano monitoring. States this is wasteful spending and as a logical conclusion to the increasing size of gov't insinuation.....apparently the gov't is now making cars and high speed trains? I wasn't aware I guess.
I hate to bring this up now, but according to most economists an economic stimulus plan is one that SPENDS money. No doubt tax breaks will help those that have had to cut back on spending...and guess what? Everyone who gets a paycheck will see their first tax break in one month! They will be able to spend more than they can today. Everyone that makes less than a quarter Mill will receive a tax break....they will be able to spend more.
What I think he was saying was to tax people so we can have a strong military, but cut all other spending since that will rid us of the bureaucracy that keeps us from saving the people on the rooftop. And, this is really admirable thinking, but if it could just be delivered by someone that doesn't smile like Sheldon on The Big Bang Theory, it would be so much more palatable.

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