Sunday, July 02, 2006

As I was getting caught up on (and in) the life of my niece and nephew thru my sister’s blog today, I started thinking about her frequent philosophical prose….especially regarding her children. That began the wheels turning in my head. She had mentioned that she heard some words coming from the kids that sounded like some motherly intervention may be required. However, she also stated that being a ‘former child’ herself, she might just sit and listen a while.
So, I’m thinking to myself that there’s no way MY mother would’ve ever stepped back for a moment to enjoy that moment in time and reflect on the fact that she had a childhood. She was ALL business. As I was getting ready to run up to my sister and attempting to launch myself over her (6-29 entry for Sara’s blog), I would’ve felt a tight grip on my arm and a yank back accompanied by a very stern question, ‘What do you think you’re doing?’
This is my reality of my mom. And, I was thinking…maybe she did occasionally let something go (I seriously doubt it – but, I’m willing to say there’s the possibility). Certainly, as a child I always felt like my mother ways always motherly, but, did she actually have those times when her inner child came out?
This brings me to my point. At last you say? Actually, I was out on a date the other day and …….oh nevermind, it was going to be a little tangential comment intended to be funny but more than likely just adding to a growing inability to get my point across.
The point…these blogs are kinda cool. Up thru the early 1900’s many people wrote diaries and introspective letters to their loved ones. One can look back at these documents and get a sense of what a person was thinking or feeling at that moment in time. Deklan and Maren (dubbed 'the boy' and 'the girl') will one day be able to look at Sara’s blog and know that their mother did have an inner child that at times wanted to enjoy what they were enjoying. And, that will be cool.

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Sara said...

ACTUALLY, mom thinks that our kids don't have enough "unsupervised time" - she supposedly made sure that we had lots of unsupervised time (which I can remember running around the neighborhood, barefoot, when mom had no idea what we were up to).

It's true that we used to have unsupervised time. And our kids probably won't have the same kind of unsupervised time. However, the kids are currently only 3 and 1.5 years old. Their time will come...