Thursday, September 29, 2005

In the past month the Bush administration has been successful in delaying a drug known to be safe and effective according to the FDA, and has succeeded in empowering people of faith to file a lawsuit at their school against the longest lasting theory on the planet. That theory is now considered scientific fact by mainstream scientists; and the drug was found to be safe by the FDA's own scientists.
How does George do this? How can someone that often times displays his inability to put words together to make a coherent sentence accomplish such a wonderful and horrendous feat? I mean he goes up against real nobel laureate scientists (see link on politiks) and still wins?
He talks about how gynecologists can go on 'to practice their love with women', and society listens to him more than they listen to well-educated people that have spent their livelihoods studying one particular area of science!?

Someone explain this to me, please!

I'll give some possibilities:

a) most people are stupid

b) most people want to believe something as long as it can't be proven -- now this may seem to be a stupid statement since a belief, by definition is something that can't be proven or disproven. However, evolution has been accepted as fact by the scientific community and therefore can't be disbelieved. Microevolution has, indeed been proven.

c) it is in our nature to believe in mysterious forces

d) the Spaghetti Monster has control of our brains (see link)

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